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Jimi's latest book, Border Dance: A Study in Contrasts and Conflict and How to Resolve Them.
His latest book is Border Dance: A Study in Contrasts and Conflict and How to Resolve Them.
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Border Dance: A Study in Contrasts and Conflict and How to Resolve Them

“This is a gem of a book. With a huge historical sweep, Jimi Calhoun shows the power of dance and music to break down the barriers which threaten our common humanity. From his own experience he challenges us to root out the deeply grounded evil of racism which poisons all too much of our world. Border Dance should be required reading for all religious and civic leaders whose attitudes and actions affect us all.”
-Rev. Dr. Iain Whyte, author of Scotland and the abolition of Black Slavery, 1756-1838


 “Border Dance provides a unique glimpse of the phenomenal musicians and groups with whom Jimi Calhoun performed. This book shines a light on how people survived through dance and music and ultimately describes how our spiritual souls unite in our pathway to oneness.”

-Marie Betcher, rabbi cantor senior chaplain, Austin Police Department

“I’m not sure when we first met—perhaps when Jimi Calhoun was a missionary on furlough—but years later, rumors of his work reached me. Friends insisted we meet because we were fellow exiles of denominational status quo. We paid a price for crossing uncrossable boundaries. Fortunately, Jimi still crosses those boundaries. He crosses them with a smile and a jazz shuffle. This book is proof of his artful skill playing on the borders where God dances.”
-Phil Wyman, author of Love Big or Go Home

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"Beginning with James Brown, the 'Godfather of Soul; Jimi Calhoun challenges us to consider what we're doing in the life of God the Father of us all. While we spend much time and energy worrying about what God is doing in our lives, upturning the table would help us learn to pursue deep relationships with people different than us. Turns out that 'being love' is funknology at its zenith:' 

-RALPH MOORE, church planter and author of Making Disciples: Developing Lifelong Followers of Jesus 

"In a world where prejudice and assumption divide, where racial injustice remains a dominant and damaging lens, Funknology offers us a dynamic for dialogue across boundaries. Dancing on the borders between art, science, and spiritual belonging, Funknology brings us a new language for addressing racial division that will move your body, mind, and spirit in the direction of justice, peace, and reconciliation. This is a hugely important contribution to the most pressing issue of our time:' 

-RUTH HARVEY, Leader, the Iona community 

"Funknology is a timely, accessible, and very important book. Its wide-ranging analysis of art and music culture, its understanding of cognitive science and perception, and its inspirational message through the lens of 'funk' helped me see deeply into issues of culture, race, and faith in ways that I simply didn't see before. This warm, engaging book challenges the reader to think about new ways of living together in peace in our very divisive, complicated era:' 

-STEPHEN KINNEY, Founder, the Front Porch Project, Austin, Texas


Jimi Calhoun has a gift for seeing familiar things in fresh ways. Let him be your guide to the ten commandments and you’ll be amazed at how this ancient moral code speaks to issues in tomorrow’s headlines. - Brian D. McLaren, Author/activist

Empathic listening is essential to ethical engagement. It helps us move beyond confirmation bias and social segregation. In The Sounds of Love and Grace, pastor, musician and ethicist Jimi Calhoun performs a contemporary cultural commentary in view of the Ten Commandments. Jimi’s words disrupt societal discord to produce new harmony. Listen well to his constructs and cadence as he moves us from hearing the “Ten Words” as laws to violate to a call that helps us navigate life today for new direction and meaning in social solidarity for human flourishing. – Paul Luis Metzger  Author/ Professor Multnomah University and Seminary

Come experience the work of master storyteller and ethicist Jimi Calhoun. This comprehensive and well-researched book blends philosophy, theology, and sociology into a song that we all need to hear.  And like all great songs, you will laugh, cry and never be the same. - Robert Watson Hemphill Pastor/ Spiritual Entrepreneur


In The Art of God, pastor and musician Jimi Calhoun suggests that the master artist, God, programmed diversity into every aspect of the natural order. Today more of us than ever live in closer proximity to people once viewed as different. The multicultural conversation of the recent past has proven to be inadequate to address the present intercultural reality in which we live. -Cascade Books


In A Story of Rhythm and Grace, Calhoun weaves together engrossing stories about racial differences and reconciliation from his life in the music world and his life in the church. Reflecting on how he has often found more racial harmony on the stage and in the recording studio than in the pews, Jimi shows what religion might learn from rock and roll.


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